I’m an accountant and recently hurt my neck when rear ended. My sister is a divorce attorney and advised that Mr. Segal is the attorney her fellow lawyers go to. No advertising. Doesn’t need to. I did my homework…being an accountant I’m very thorough. He did a great job on my case and got me far more than I expected. Easy to reach. Thanks again Mr. Segal.


I found attorney Segal after asking a few lawyers who don’t practice personal injury. I said who is “the best”? 3 out of four gave me his name. He doesn’t advertise. Is very humble. But a very aggressive attorney. And I could reach him whenever. He’s great. Tom.


Your “A” team , just finished…you exceeded my expectations.

If results are what’s important I highly recommend Jacob segal. I had a bad car accident about two years ago. I dislocated my shoulder and was out of work. My first attorney, who advertises all over tv tried to get me to accept 25k! Mr. Segal got me the policy limit of $200,000.00. I can’t recommend him enough. A true gentleman as well.


I just recently closed my second case with Attorney Segal. This was the second time I hired him for an injury. In this case I was rear ended and Mr Segal got me $50,000.00. Which was the entire Insurance policy the guy who hit me had. I’m feeling much better so I’m very happy.


I just recently closed my case with Mr. Jacob. He was referred by my daughter who basically begged me to hire him. She had a good experience with him. So I took her advice. My experience was great. He calls back immediately on any emergency…and within a day if you just want to talk generally about your case. He is always happy to hear from his clients. I was surprised he got me $25k. The lady who hit me had a policy maximum 25k. My bumper was barely scratched but my neck did bother me for awhile. The first offer was 10k. I was happy but Jacob told me to wait it out. A few month later 25k. And hes friends with all the doctors so they didn’t ask me to pay their bills out of settlement. This is first time EVER did a review on internet but he’s like a good friend or family now.


JI’m a taxi cab driver from Haiti. In Haiti I was a professor of linguistics. Since arrival 25 years ago I’ve been in 10 accidents. Some pretty serious. I’ve filed claims on 7 of these. I’ve never used same lawyer twice or recommended one. Mr Segal treats me with respect and knows my kids names, ages, and even took care of my other traffic ticket (he arranged for another lawyer to represent me for $30). ****most important, mr segal refused to take a low offer because of my prior injuries. He fought hard and used great doctors. I actually got the most money of any of my cases. I ended up with over $45,000.00 in my pocket. I never got more than $15,000.00 before. And usually around $2,000.00. Once I got $500.00. None of these were my fault and it takes time for my old body for recover….thanks jake if you read this! I’ve already sent at least 5 cases to him and no complaints.

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