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Our South Florida based firm has help recover millions for personal injury claims. Our goal is to get you the maximum claim as fast as possible.

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    Happy Clients Testimonials
    What's My Case Worth

    Figure out instantly how much money your case is worth!

    What's My Case Worth?

    About The Segal Firm


    Since its inception in 2003, The Segal Law firm has prided itself on providing state of the art service to its clients. Whether it’s a case worth $500,000.00 or $50,000.00 the client is number one. And always comes first. With modern case software, the cases are resolved much quicker than other firms. Also, having dealt with thousands of cases, The Segal Firm can give you an estimate of what your case might be worth.

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    To be accessible

    We will strive to do my part to make the Justice system convenient, understandable, timely, accessible and affordable to everyone.

    To be fair

    We will strive to do my part in the Florida justice system to respect the dignity of every person, regardless of race, class, gender or other characteristic, apply the law appropriately to the circumstances of individual cases.

    To be effective

    We will strive to do my part in the Florida justice system to uphold the law and apply rules and procedures consistently and in a timely manner for all. And to use such knowledge of law for my client’s best interests.

    To be responsive

    I will strive to do my part in the Florida Justice system to help whenever possible in my position to anticipate the needs of all members of society, and provide a variety of dispute resolution methods.

    To be fluent in the law

    The Firm will strive to be fluent in the law and continue to educate myself in every case.

    To remain humble

    The Firm will strive to remain humble and assist all cultures in Broward County with the highest ethics and with a goal of furthering public confidence in the Judicial System.

    To follow and educate the insurance companies, adverse counsel, and the judiciary of proper

    To have knowledge of precedent, caselaw, and all applicable Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.

    To ensure justice

    The firm will ensure every client we sign with gets the justice he or she requires under the law and is treated with respect.

    Insurance Companies We’ve Worked With

    The Segal Law firm has worked with State Farm, Geico, USAA, Uber, Progressive and all major carriers many hundreds of times. In fact, some carriers have sent teams of adjusters to our office to resolve cases in person. As well as out of state insurance companies and multiple commercial carriers representing trucking companies. Having represented over 5000 motor vehicle accidents you can be assured that we have most likely dealt with that insurance company before. Regardless of insurance company, we have the resources to effectively deal with any insurance carrier out there. Insurance companies have good relations with The Segal Firm and most will settle the case after being advised of the injuries rather than litigate the case to trial.

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    Jake is professional and helpful in every way. I appreciated his directness while laying out all the options in front of me. I would recommend Jake Segal to any friend of mine who was looking for an attorney who shows real concern for his client and their cause. You don't have to play cat-and-mouse with him. He is available when you need him.


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